About Us

Welcome To Hongirana Green Life Care

Our Company always aimed to be successful entrepreneur throughout its business style and its ambition expanded to run a nationwide enterprise. Our Company has launched new concept to reach to the people who are interested in genuine way of network through products that requirement of a common man. Our Company and their associates members are a young, dynamic, technology driven organization working in a healthy and competitive environment to contribute to the very existence of the society. the Society which instills desire to continually Innovate, Succeed, Flourish, and Enjoy the very existence of Mankind.

Our Mission

our loyalty program, currently has a strong membership, includes referral benefits, On Spot Discount and many more attractions.

To design, modernise with time, our direct selling shopping models to pave a smooth path of success for our distributors. R World Marketing company aims at providing products and services, that exceedingly fit on quality barometer and is economical on the cost front. By doing so, we will also address our social responsibility to the society as well.

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